Monday, September 21

Seven Year Anniversary

Seven years ago today, this happened....

...and seven years later we are still smiling, just! haha...

Happy Anniversary Dean, I think we're good for at least another couple of years ;) xxx

Thursday, September 17

Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie

I know it's not itsy bitsy teenie weenie, or even a yellow polka dot bikini, but I so wanted to use this sentiment haha...
I'll be leaving the children with my parent's after pre-school today and heading to, my home from home, Bluewater Shopping Mall for some retail therapy :)  I am in dire need of clothes that are neither pyjamas or tracksuit bottoms!

Saturday, September 12

Halloween Gift Boxes

I have to be quick, Dean has imposed a no blogging at the weekends rule but he has popped out to drop off his dry cleaning and ironing (and pick me up a hot chocolate, anything to buy more time! haha) so here are some Halloween gift boxes I recently made....

They contain crafty embellishments so if you're one of the first four to leave a comment and you would like one of these boxes, please mail me your address :)

We're off to Drayton Manor today which should be fun, I hope you have a fantastic weekend! x